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Do we need a fishing license?

No. You do not need a fishing license. The license I carry covers everyone on my boat.

How & when do I book my trip?

It is best to book your trip as far in advance as possible (especially Tarpon trips). Sometimes it isn’t easy to plan ahead of time so feel free to call 239-738-9095 or email me anytime at to inquire about dates & charter info. 

What do I provide?

All charters will be provided with the latest Shimano Reels on custom Dan James Rods. Fly rods are also available on request. Boat & license as well as a cooler with ice & water are included in your trip.

What do I need to bring?

Anything you would like to eat or drink as well as polarized sunglasses, a hat, and light soled shoes. Black or dark colors will mark the deck of the boat.

Please do not bring these items:

According to an old wives tail, Bananas are bad luck so please refrain from bringing any Bananas or Banana boat sunscreen. Also please try to keep away from spray sun screens as they leave an orange residue on the deck of the boat and the over spray can damage the rods and reels and even make the deck slippery. Captain also has the right to throw a GPS overboard, as well as cell phones with GPS turned on.

Are you supposed to tip a guide?

Yes. As a matter of fact, tips are customary when on a fishing trip especially during Tarpon season. 10-20% is a common tip and is based on how hard the captain works to ensure that you have a comfortable and memorable day.

Why are your rates more than some others?

Falling Tide Charters provides only the best equipment from all Penn rods & reels to Berkley and Spiderwire line. We also guide out of the best marine on Pine Island which has been voted the best for 7 years. We also offer 3 different boats to accommodate any angler with the best equipment possible to ensure our customers with a comfortable and memorable experience.


What to look for when hiring a guide:

When hiring a guide you should look at his accomplishments as well as any endorsements. Look at how long he has been fishing the local area and whether he is a native. There are a lot of new guides in our area so make sure you pick someone with the knowledge and experience needed for fishing the area. We have one of the best fisheries on the west coast of Florida so there is no reason not to have a memorable day.

Three of the most important questions to ask your potential guide:

1. Are you a full time guide?

2. Are you native to the waters you will be fishing?

3. Do you fish on your days off?


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